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To know well about each region of the state, you can check out the menu of the page. In each area I will be adding publications with detailed information on activities, places to see, restaurants and more, as well as general data on the territory including cities and areas.


If arriving in Florida by car from another state, don’t forget to stop at the Welcome Center

Many times when we hear Florida, we think of Miami (and usually Miami Beach) and theme parks in Orlando. But there is much more here than that. Sure, those places are amazing to visit 1, 2 or more times.

If you are looking for beaches you will find on both coasts of the state, cities with lot of history, modern places, tourist tours during the day or even at night with scary stories, shopping centers and outlets with many discounts … the truth is that in Florida you will find everything … we are not going to lie to you, mountains is a little difficult to find here, although there are some cities with some little hills!.

Islamorada, Los Cayos de Florida

To the west you’ll find the Gulf of Mexico, to the north is Alabama and Georgia, and to the east is the Atlantic Ocean.

The capital is Tallahassee, in the north of the state. Nearby is the largest city: Jacksonville, but the most populous city is the world-famous Miami.


It was founded in 1845 as the 27th state of the United States of America.

Usual, Florida is divided as follow:

Big Bend
Central Florida
Emerald Coast
First Coast
Florida Keys
Florida Panhandle
Gold Coast
Nature Coast
North Central Florida
South Florida
Southwest Florida
Space Coast
Sun Coast
Tampa Bay Area
Treasure Coast

But on this blog we make it easier: The Keys, South, Southwest, Treasure Coast, Central, Northeast and Florida Panhandle. On our menu you can see the areas and read a little more about them as well as you will find details of the cities or areas that you can visit in each area.

The weather usually varies throughout the year. Sure, you won’t find it as cold as in New York during winter time. In the North, you can find a subtropical climate and in the South tropical. During the summer, prepare your rain coat or umbrella as it can be very sunny and within minutes it will rain. Summer equals hurricane season, so it rains very often (although they can last a few minutes). During winter, although you will not see snow (there are a records of it, but it is very very rare) further north you will feel colder. Sometimes in Central Florida (for example in Orlando) there are times that we need to wrap up very well and others that we can visit the pool for a little while. So I recommend that a few days or a week before visiting, you check the weather well. Remember… I’m from the Caribbean and been living in Florida most of my life, so 60F it’s cold for me.

2015-09-03 18.45.16
Miami, Sur de la Florida

In 2013, some friends visited me thinking that Miami and Orlando they would need only shorts and dresses, it was March, I lent them sweaters and scarves since just for that week they were here, the temperature dropped a lot.

Although you can find taxis, buses and some subways (not underground though), we really recommend renting a car. Transportation in Florida is not very good (ok, it actually sucks), unless you are in Walt Disney World which is excellent. You can travel between cities by bus or if you want by plane. A good option is to use Uber, a little cheaper than taxis and easy to use when you download the application. Sure, Uber it does not help you much to go from one city to another.

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