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Would you like to share your experience somewhere in Florida with other travelers?

If you have lived or live in a city in Florida, you visited a place that left you wonderful memories, you spent the best days exploring an area, you traveled from one city to another by car, train, bike or bus, visited a hidden beach, experienced the best party or event you attended …. no matter what your traveling experience is, here you can share your story.

You just have to send us the title for your publication, dates or season of your trip, photos with your story (you can include a video if you want) and your story. Do not forget that the photos and videos have to be 100% made by you, you cannot copy from another web page and you can appear in the photo if you wish. Also remember to send along with your article your personal data such as name or aliases, an email, if you have a travel page you can add your link (including social networks) and your city and country. And of course, city or region of Florida to be able to place it under the category to which it belongs.

We will only accept experiences sent to our email.

Remember that we will always be sharing the new publications through our social networks (see top right), just like our traveling family (see which pages are in the right menu).

If you have a restaurant, store, tourist guide or any business related to tourism within Florida, you can also contact us with your information for advertising.

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