Who am I?

Although Florida was not considered my official home for many years, it was always a place to visit and to spend an excellent vacation. Since 1999 Florida has become my official home, although it always makes me feel that it’s been longer than 99. I lived for few years in Tampa Bay area, then in South Florida (in several cities) and currently very close to Orlando. Whenever I have a chance, a day, a weekend, or a week, I love seeing new places in this amazing state.

Ponce Inlet beach with Obi

A road trip through the Florida Keys, state parks, theme parks, a variety of beaches and many places full of stories, history and entertainment … Florida has many activities for the whole family. Here on the blog, under categories, you can see romantic or family activities if you visit with the little ones, so don’t think that Disney is only for kids or that Miami is only for adults.

On this blog I will share with you cities and incredible places I’ve visited. Maybe a lot of people when thinking of Florida they imagine only Miami and Disney parks, but I assure you that there is much more than that. Much more!

‘Drinking around the world’ at EPCOT

I have spent nights camping in Ocala, strolling around the oldest city in the country, which is St. Augustine, climbing the tallest lighthouse in the state located in Ponce Inlet and, of course, the endless parties in Miami Beach.

On this blog I receive contributions from several travelers and from blogs of my traveling family, so do not hesitate to share your trip and experience in Florida with all of us!

Other travel blogs I work with: Acceso Total 29Todo Sobre Disney and of course my personal travel blog (this is the only one in English 100%). Also, you can find news and travel tips on this one: AT: Noticias de Viajes (in Spanish)

Dali Museum, St. Petersburg.

I love traveling, I’d love to know every corner of our planet. I made this blog so that more people know about the state that I consider my home. I wasn’t born here but I moved in as a teenager and before, living relatively close by plane, I visited a lot. So I invite you to take a trip through Florida, the “Sunshine State” and accompany me to discover many more spots!

Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales.
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