Some activities during the Holidays at Walt Disney World

WDW always offers magic all year round and in this post we tell you about some Christmas activities at Walt Disney World.

I love anything related to Christmas, although yes… the Walt Disney World resort during Christmas (think December 15th to January 10th or so) gets very crowded and maybe for me (being a local ) I hate going for that reason, but from time to time I take my time to enjoy Christmas somewhere, whether it’s a park or among the resorts.

(The videos and photos you see in this post are from my old blog (TodoSobreDisney) which was dedicated only to the Orlando theme parks, especially WDW. I closed the page in 2021 to dedicate my time to this site instead, although the videos are still available in the YouTube channel. So maybe there are a lot of changes since I made the videos, but the general idea remains the same – click CC for subtitles -)

Disney Springs:

Disney Springs is one of those places you can enjoy in WDW without breaking the bank, since parking is free and admission is free. What you want to buy in the place is something else. Here you will find restaurants, shops, bars and even entertainment wherever you pass.

activities during the Holidays at Walt Disney World

During this time of celebration, there is much to discover at Disney Springs. One of the great activities is the “Christmas Tree Stroll” (a walk among Christmas trees). You can get a free map to find the 19 trees, all with different characters, movies and park attractions. On the map you have some decals/stickers so you can write down which trees you already saw. When the map is complete, take it to and you will receive a little surprise. You can find the map at the following points and then take it to one of those points for the gift: (the following links take you to the map on Google)

Obviously do not hesitate to visit the christmas store that is open all year round with beautiful decorations, Disney’s Days of Christmas.

As I mentioned before, the video below is from 2019, so one of the changes since then, the Christmas Tree Stroll is now all over Disney Springs and includes a search activity, before it was a ‘trail’, one after the other.

Disney Resorts:

Although the video below is from 2019, from my old blog, what has changed the most since then is the Christmas Tree Stroll, which was previously all together, is now all over Disney Springs and includes a search activity.

Epcot Resorts:

If you are staying at one of the Disney resorts, you can take a bus from your resort to Disney Springs and then transfer to one of the following resorts: Yacht, Beach, Boardwalk, Swan or Dolphin and enjoy a good walk along the lake between shops and restaurants, and visit each of the resorts inside (especially the first 2 that I name) that have beautiful Christmas details depending on the theme of each hotel. If you’re not staying at any Disney resort, you can still take that ride from Disney Springs by taking one of those buses. This resort area is truly one of my favorites. From there you can also enjoy the Epcot fires a little if you are at the right time.

activities during the Holidays at Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Resorts:

If you are at Epcot you can also walk to the United Kingdom pavilion and you will find a path that joins those resorts. If you are at Hollywood Studios you can take the boat (faster), the Skyliner (which makes other stops to other resorts) or just walk. From another Disney park, you can take a bus.

There are 3 resorts that are around Magic Kingdom, Contemporary, Grand Floridian and Polynesian. Each one has decorations depending on the style of the hotel. For example, at the Grand Floridian you find a giant gingerbread house that sells cookies and other seasonal items. They all have their Christmas tree and a very pleasant atmosphere.

Grand Floridian

To get to this area, the easiest way is to park at Magic Kingdom and take the monorail to the resorts: Contemporary, Grand Floridian and Polynesian. There are also paths that take you to the resorts on foot. Another option is to arrive by bus from a park or from Disney Springs.


Magic Kingdom:

Get ready to enjoy a show (new this 2023) in front of the castle, Frozen Holiday Surprise, the presentation can be seen at different times and during the special Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

By the way, although for this year 2023 the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is already completely sold out, if you have the opportunity for another year do not hesitate, the park is usually with fewer people than during the day and less waiting time at the attractions. They are select nights, separate price and throughout the park they offer cookies and some complementary drinks such as hot chocolate. Plus a Christmas parade and a special fireworks show.

Don’t forget to visit Jungle Cruise that during the holidays is known as Jingle Cruise.


This park, I would say my favorite, during the season has the Festival of the Holidays, where you can learn how they celebrate holidays in different countries and cultures around the world. It’s excellent! Apart from that you can find several kiosks where you can try typical dishes and drinks of the time.

You can also enjoy the moving Christmas story presented by a famous narrator, accompanied by an orchestra and a massive choir. Among the celebrities who have been narrating: Neil Patrick Harris, John Stamos, Brendan Fraser, Luis Fonsi and many more. I simply recommend arriving early if you want a good seat or taking advantage of some of the restaurants that offer entrée and a good seat by making a reservation and eating: an appetizer, main course and dessert, or a full buffet/family style meal, as well as a non-alcoholic drink.

Also don’t forget to ride Living with the Land to enjoy a beautiful decoration, especially at night time.

Hollywood Studios:

I think that among the parks, the nights at Hollywood Studios are my favorite during the Christmas holidays. Beautiful decoration and lighting in the Tower of Terror. Definitely not to be missed.

As another daytime option, visit Minnie Mouse and her friends for a cheerful meal at Hollywood & Vine. I recommend you to book in advance for this.

Animal Kindgom:

In this park, which many describe as a zoo, you can’t miss Merry Menagerie, in the Discovery Island area where hand-sculpted arctic animals, such as penguins, reindeer, foxes and polar bears, come to life with puppets. Super cute!

And at night, you can’t miss the light show at the Tree of Life “Tree of Life Awakenings Holiday Edition.” Beautiful!.

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