A Morning Visiting Animal Kingdom Lodge!

As I always say, Walt Disney World has many activities and beautiful places to explore, beyond the famous theme parks. Here on this post I show you how to visit one of the resorts and the activities you can enjoy in a morning visiting Animal Kingdom Lodge.

(Some photos are from my old blog dedicated only to Orlando theme parks. I closed the blog to dedicate myself to this one)

All Walt Disney World Resorts offer shops and restaurants that anyone, even if you are not staying on site, can visit. Although to make it easier, I recommend making a reservation for one of the restaurants since depending on the season, it may be difficult to get in. For example, recently, we made a reservation for breakfast at Boma which is located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, right next to Animal Kingdom park.

visitando Animal Kingdom Lodge

Here on this other post I explain a little more how to make those reservations for most restaurants and how important it is to make them.

Once you have a reservation at a restaurant, if you visit by car, you only show identification and say that you have a reservation. I recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early since the wait at security can take a little while for others, then parking and walk to the restaurant. Another option to get there may be from one of the parks or from Disney Springs.

visitando Animal Kingdom Lodge

I think Boma’s breakfast is one of my favorites. It’s a buffet, so visit with a big appetite, everything is delicious, and of course, don’t hesitate to try the famous “Jungle Juice” which is part of the experience. Jungle Juice, is included in the price per person at the restaurant, it is a mix of orange juice, guava and passion fruit, so delicious!

When I arrive at the beautiful resort, using the Walt Disney World app, I check-in (it only works if you have a reservation) and wait for the app to send a notification. And of course, I always stay close to the entrance to hear my name. Just when we went last time, the app didn’t alert me, I got a late text message, but I heard my name called first. If you don’t have the app, you can go to the restaurant entrance to check in. Remember that when making a reservation you have to leave your credit card, they do not charge you anything at the time, but if you do not show up or cancel 2 hours before they will charge you $10 per person.

visitando Animal Kingdom Lodge

At the buffet you’ll find a little bit of everything, obviously some dishes with African influence, but also eggs of various styles, breads, yogurts, fruits, cheeses, ham, the famous Mickey-shaped waffles, pancakes and more.

You can also order regular coffee or on the last visit, we tried a delicious cold brew coffee with chocolate. Among other drinks there is tea and even some breakfast cocktails such as the famous mimosas.

And after finishing the delicious breakfast (or you can also visit Boma for dinner) simply stroll around the resort, especially outside since you can see some animals such as giraffes, zebras, among others. It is one of my favorite resorts to visit.

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