Wekiwa Springs State Park

We spent a lot of time in Central Florida, visiting friends and family and of course so many activities to do and places to see. As we always say, Orlando has much more than theme parks. There is so much to do with family, friends or alone! (when I wrote this I was still living in South Florida, now I live in Central)

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Few minutes away from Downtown Orlando, in the city of Apopka, we visited Wekiwa Springs State Park.

The park offers many activities, including camping, biking, hiking, and even kayaking. We saw many hiking trails that we were already itchy to go exploring, but eventually we rented a kayak and went for a ride. We visited without any specific plan that we weren’t wearing a bathing suit and the good weather with sun was asking us to relax and enjoy the lake during the beautiful day.


Before kayaking down the river, we stopped for a few minutes to see Wekiwa Springs, this is where the Wekiva River is born. It looked so refreshing that we were feeling to jump into the water with clothing … but we didn’t 🙂


The weather it was really perfect, it has been raining for so many days without stopping. Summer in Florida usually means rain and this day was sunny and super hot.

We rented 2 kayaks, singles. There are also options for canoes or kayaks for 2 people.


We started paddling down the Wekiva River which was a very good experience. And we even passed by an area that we have to visit at another time, with a bar / restaurant, people swimming in the river and a good atmosphere was noticeable. Then we learned that the place is called Wekiva Island.


We kayaked for about 2 hours, making stops from time to time to better appreciate the nature that surrounded us. Beautiful! Of course, plenty of sun protection and water. Before getting into the kayak, we heard that they had seen some alligators, but we couldn’t see any.

Definitely a beautiful natural park to visit. Don’t forget to watch our episode about Orlando.

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