Treasure Coast

Treasure Coast is located on the southeastern coast of Florida. From Sebastian (approximately) to Jupiter, north of West Palm Beach.

During the 16th century, explorers on their ships, not knowing the area very well, used to shipwreck in the area carrying treasures from Spain. To this day, people continue to find gold among other things on the coast. That’s where the name of the area comes from.

The beaches are a beauty. Among my favorites are Vero Beach and Jupiter. A bit wavy, yes, but with the beauty of the south without the amount of people like in the south.

Fort Pierce

Since I mentioned treasures and ships at the bottom of the sea, in Vero Beach, in the area of Sexton Plaza Beach, very close to the shore, it is easy to see one of those many shipwrecks, that if you go with a kayak you can see it at the bottom of the sea: S.S. Breconshire.

In Fort Pierce you also find very nice spots to enjoy the beach or small restaurants with beautiful views.


We recently visited Jupiter, a quick stop from Boca Raton, and fell in love with the beach. The water so crystal clear!

There are many places to explore and discover throughout this area, so feel free to use the category menu on the side and search for ‘Treasure Coast‘ to find out more.

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