A trip around Downtown St. Pete – one of my favorites.

Welcome to Downtown St. Pete, a place where art, good energy and history intertwine in a vibrant and eclectic urban setting. The city of St. Petersburg is located in Tampa Bay area. It was my home for about 4 years and it was love at first sight. A beautiful city, beaches that make you fall in love, and the Downtown area has always been among my favorites in the United States. Today I invite you to take a trip around Downtown St. Pete.

When I moved in 1999, I remember that the ‘Pier’ with some shops, restaurants and even a small aquarium at the famous structure was known as the ‘inverted pyramid’. It was very nice to go up to the top floor and enjoy the view. I also remember walking around the area between few cafes and galleries. Central Ave. at that time it was not as attractive as it is now. Having several museums in the area, including Dalí that it was completely different from what it is today, and the area closest to the ‘Pier’ was super pleasant to visit. Since then it has always been one of my favorite downtowns.

Nowadays I think it’s way better. Beautiful and with many more activities to do. Impossible not to have a good time. So here I show you what you can enjoy in the area today, including Central Ave, museums and the famous Pier that today is different, more modern, than the one I knew.

Exploring Central Ave.

I would say Central Ave. is the beating heart of Downtown St. Pete. I invite you to stroll around the area to discover a variety of dining and shopping options. From cozy cafes to lively bars and shops, there is something for everyone along this vibrant avenue.

A trip around Downtown St. Pete

I think on my last few trips, my must-do stop is a Cuban cafe. Their ‘cortadito’ is delicious, plus it has a little window that reminds me a lot of South Florida (something I always miss in Central Florida): Bodega on Central. I haven’t tried their dishes yet, but for a cup of good coffee it’s an excellent option.

A trip around Downtown St. Pete

On my last visit, I went to a brewery that I thought was great, Webb’s City Cellar, right next to Green Bench Brewery, different menus but same business. We enjoyed few drinks, stayed for about 2 hours, they don’t have small dishes to snack on, but they do have delicious drinks and atmosphere is great. This one is not located on Central Ave. but is worth mentioning since it is right next door.

And throughout this area you will find a variety of bars, restaurants, shops and more… so don’t hesitate to explore every corner and even enjoy the beautiful murals.

Discover World Class Museums.

You can’t visit Downtown St. Pete without exploring its renowned museums. From the impressive Dalí, which houses the largest collection of works by the famous surrealist artist outside of Europe (read more about this museum here), to St. Petersburg Museum of History, Museum of Fine Arts and Chihuly Collection. The city’s art scene will leave you amazed. There are more museums and galleries, so plan at least 2 days to see them all.

St. Petersburg Museum of History

The Pier

This famous landmark in Downtown St. Pete has gone through several changes. As I mentioned before, the one I managed to see was a colorful one known as an ‘upturned pyramid’ because of its shape. I used to visit the top floor terrace to enjoy the pleasant view.

While they were building the new Pier, I noticed signs like this one were in the area. I don’t know if they are still around there but the story was interesting to read.

Today, the modern Pier is more pedestrian-friendly since it has a large area to walk and enjoy beautiful views. It also has a terrace on the top floor, several levels, restaurants and bars. So far I have only visited once, I hope to return for more.

Distances from Tampa and Orlando

If you visit from Orlando, Downtown St. Pete is about 2 hours by car (106 miles/170.59km). From Tampa in less than 30 minutes by car (23 miles/37km) you can visit this beautiful place. It is the perfect destination for an exciting day-trip, where you can immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine and scenic beauty of this vibrant coastal city.

Central Ave.

Downtown St. Pete is much more than a tourist destination; It is a place full of history, culture and vitality that invites you to explore and discover. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned local, there’s always something new to discover in this exciting Florida coastal city. Come and discover the magic of Downtown St. Pete on your next trip!

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