Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

When I was living in South Florida (2003-2016) I used to visit this hotel and casino very often, especially when I was in college since Fridays were ladies nights at various spots.

The place opened in 2004 with the hotel, casino, several restaurants and very good night entertainment venues, most of them outdoors. In 2019 it came a huge change of the entire complex and it is totally different from what I knew before, especially when the only thing outdoors are the pools.

I had not visited since November 2016 and when I returned in 2021 I felt lost. The truth is, I loved the huge change. From the new building shaped as a guitar, to the indoor and air conditioned area with restaurants, bars and shops which is great. Believe me, when I was visiting in the middle of summer, that it could be raining every day and unbearable heat, having a fun place to visit under a roof and A/C makes it an amazing change. Although I miss the Irish Pub which was always a must stop for me.

Now, let me explain a little about what you can find here and how to visit it. The address: 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL 33314, is located in the city of Hollywood (not California), between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

You can easily see the building of the guitar from far away from various spot in the city.

If you arrive by car, there’s a big parking lot. On the last visit we parked on the higher floor from where we could appreciate the guitar from another point.

Obviously once inside, don’t forget to check out the great collection of instruments or clothing from musicians from Shakira to The Beatles, including Will Smith, AC / DC and more. Also the decoration throughout the area is really nice.

Among restaurants and bars, stores and many points for some photography, even if you do not stay here, it is an excellent space to spend a very fun night.

On the last visit, not everything was open because of Covid-19 (beginning of March 2021), but here you can also find a comedy club, a nightclub/dayclub, and even a venue for concerts. And obviously the casino.

And although we couldn’t enjoy it, but at night, don’t forget to see the light show on the guitar.

Here is a short video showing you a little more about this hotel in South Florida.

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