Biking by Dania, Hollywood and Hallandale Beach.

I remember when I was studying at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, many times after school, especially when I had a break between classes and didn’t want to go home, I used to visit Dania Beach for a relaxing time on the beach or maybe rollerblading around the area.

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I love visiting this side of South Florida. Sometimes before sunset, I go to Hollywood Beach, walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the incredible scenery.

One activity that you can do in the area and you will love it thanks to the views, is go for a bike ride. There are even places where you can rent a bike if you are on vacation and do not have one.

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Last time, I parked at Dania Beach. Nearby, there is a pier that has a restaurant and a beautiful beach. From there, I got a little further to Hallandale Beach and of course passing by Hollywood Beach where you will find several restaurants in front of the beach.

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It is a different way to enjoy this area. There are no hills so it is very easy for the whole family. There is a part that you have to go on the street but there is a specific route for those who ride bicycles. Of course, do not forget to wear a helmet at all times, a har since it can be super sunny and pay attention to pedestrians, especially in Hollywood because they can cut your way without realizing it.

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