Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” – Dalai Lama

You should! 🙂 I try to get to know a new place at least once a month. I try once a week, but sometimes it gets complicated. But it is never impossible.


Every time I drive to / from South Florida from / to Central Florida, I usually take US27. Sometimes I hate driving on the Turnpike and the view on US27 is different.


Although on US27 I can see more things (lakes, several towns and cities) I also come across several traffic lights and the road may be slower. But that’s how I found out about Bok Tower Gardens.


Every time I was getting closer to Lake Wales, I saw signs inviting me to visit this place. I was obviously very curious. I searched on the internet about those gardens and they looked very pretty. Just an hour from Clermont / Orlando or Tampa. So this was a new place for that week.


It was very easy to find it. A little getaway if you are in Orlando and want a day free from amusement parks and rather do a natural park. Once at the entrance, you pay for the gardens and the tower, as there is a combo that also offers to visit the Pinewood Estate (a small farm). Because I arrived at 3pm and the farm closed at 4, they suggested that I just forget about it since I would not have time or they would be rushing me to leave.


The place is very nice and quiet. I first walked to the Visitor Center to get a map of the place. Super friendly people ready to help you.

Then my walk started and I headed first to the tower that, in a way, sings “The Singing Tower”. From afar I could hear the music. It’s a very relaxing stroll.


The tower is beautiful. If you pay attention from US27 (careful when driving) you can see part of it.

I stayed there for a while, listening to the music and enjoying the scenery. There were people reading books and even taking a nap.


Then continue to “Window by The Pond”. It is like a wooden theater where you can enjoy a natural and different ‘play’. Many birds are the main actors. Also, hopefully, you can see alligators, snakes and more, but I did not have the opportunity even though I stayed about 10 minutes. Outside I saw more birds and squirrels. Happy that I didn’t see snakes. And in South Florida, I think it’s easier to see an alligator crossing the street just like any other pedestrian. Ok, maybe not so much, but almost thanks to the Everglades.


I think this is a good option if you are visiting Central Florida. But for me it was not a big deal. It’s really nice and many people love it. Maybe visit again later when the repairs are done as they are expanding the place and adding more and try visiting the Pinewood Estate as well.


By the way, Lake Wales is a very nice place. I have to go back to know a very famous road that can be scary “Spook Hill”.

Written by Wanderer Yoss

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