Cassadaga: A Supernatural Destination in Central Florida

Cassadaga, a unique enclave in Central Florida, is known for its mysterious reputation as a “psychic city.” This place is an intriguing destination, especially during the Halloween season. However, Cassadaga, has much more to offer any time of year, with its rich history, spiritual energy and charming atmosphere.

It is located north of Orlando, about 35 minutes or so from Downtown area.

The History of Cassadaga

Founded in 1894 by George P. Colby, a spiritual medium, Cassadaga was conceived as a refuge for people interested in spiritual exploration and communication with the afterlife. Over the years, this place has attracted psychics, mediums, and people seeking guidance and spiritual healing.

Halloween experience

During the Halloween season, Cassadaga comes to life in a unique way. Night tours and guided tours become popular, taking visitors through the mysteries and legends of the area. Seances, psychic readings and themed events make the Halloween atmosphere even more special and mysterious.

Exploring Outside of Halloween

Outside of the Halloween season, Cassadaga remains a fascinating place to explore. Visitors can take a stroll through the streets lined with Victorian mansions and surrounded by serene nature. Tours of Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp offer a glimpse into the site’s history and spiritual traditions.

Also in the place, there is a hotel that has an Italian restaurant, Sinatra’s Ristorante which offers not only good dishes, but also some nights with karaoke, other fun nights with ‘dueling piano’ and more. Here’s the official web site to get to know about any other events and entertainment.

Very close you will find Colby-Alderman Park which offers a nice park for the little ones, a volleyball court and an area for fishing or simply to enjoy the day with an outdoor picnic.

Things to do in Cassadaga

  • Psychic Consultations: Take advantage of the opportunity to get psychic readings, spiritualism sessions or consultations with local mediums.
  • Cemetery Tour: Cassadaga Cemetery is another point of interest, with ancient tombstones and an atmosphere that adds to the mysterious air of the area.
  • Shops and Galleries: Explore the shops and galleries where you will find crystals, books, and other esoteric items.

Tips for your visit

  • Respect and Consideration: Remember to be respectful of the culture and beliefs of the community.
  • Hours and Planning: Check opening times for readings and tours, as they may vary.

The restaurant’s hours are normally until 9pm from Tuesday to Thursday, closed on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays until 10pm, Sundays between 8am (with brunch) until 4pm.

Cassadaga is a mysterious destination that offers a unique experience any time of the year. For those interested in the supernatural and spirituality, as well as those looking for an unusual getaway, this corner of Central Florida is certainly an intriguing place to explore.

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