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Miami is a city that offers a lot of places to see and activities to do. I’ve heard many times that it’s not a city for kids, but I think that there are several things that children can enjoy. Yes, I do see it as a city to go to parties, go from bar to bar, from restaurant to restaurant, but there are also museums, galleries, parks, and more to walk and explore with friends and family, with kids or just adults.

Miami was my home for many years, and even before I officially lived there, we visited very often and I can say that I know it better than the city where I was born or even better than Orlando, where I’ve been living a little less than 10 years. And in the time that I have lived in Central Florida, Miami (and the entire South Florida area) has grown a lot, places that I frequented no longer exist but there are also many places that are still preserved, restaurants with many years and still a delight to visit them. And a detail that never changes, it is a very expensive city.

Downtown Miami, in the area you’ll find Bayside (with shops, restaurants, and more)

Let me show you some activities or places that you can visit in Miami that are free (or very very cheap):


Obviously the beaches will be the 1st option for free activities… or almost free. Unless you stay at a hotel on the beach so you only need to step outsider, if you have a car, parking it is the only thing you would have to pay. For example, in South Beach (or Miami Beach, the most famous area with its art deco) there are several places to park on the street or you can go to a garage and pay for the day.

Art Deco

Although I only go to Miami Beach to take someone that is visiting, so they know a very touristy and famous spot, Ocean Dr. in Miami Beach (south) it’s a nice tour around to take a look at all the art deco buildings that are very typical in that city. In addition, you will be able to see many classic and exotic cars. Another option, thanks to the latest on the famous street, you could rent a bike and ride around the area. The road (Ocean Dr.) previously had 2 lanes for cars, different directions, currently it is a single lane plus a wide lane for bicycles. Also on Ocean Dr. you will find the most famous house in the area, Versace Mansion, it is a restaurant but you can take pictures by the entrance. Do not hesitate to also stroll around other streets since you will find art deco in several points. Even if you find modern business, the building can take you back to the 30s. And just to clarify, officially, the city of Miami Beach is not part of the city of Miami, but I still add it to this list, South Florida has many cities.

Calle Ocho (8th street)

The famous Little Havana area is a place full of Cuban culture and traditions. A trip around this area where you can see domino games in squares like the Domino Park which is very famous and many Cubans (and Latin in general) restaurants, all speaking Spanish of course. On this street you can also see the Calle Ocho Walk of Fame with Latin celebrity, obviously! And although it would not be free, but if you are in the area do not hesitate to try one of the restaurants or cafes in the place. The street is very long, so you will find many options. (Don’t forget to see our post about 2 restaurants on this street)


This colorful neighborhood is famous for its street art murals and art galleries. You can stroll through the streets, admire the incredible works of art and enjoy creativity without any cost. At every corner, with every step you take, you will want to take a picture of everything because of how colorful and creative the area can be. I remember that this area, a few years ago, was one of those areas that I never pass by, but they have fixed it up and now it is one of the most visited in the city.

Views of Miami

If you have a car, visit Key Biscayne. Although you have to pay a toll to get there, there are several places where you can park and enjoy the beach. Not only that, the views of Downtown Miami and Brickel from different points are incredible. You could enjoy the beach during the day and at the end of the afternoon, for sunset or at night, take excellent photos of the Miami skyline. You can park your car on this area and walk to the other side of the bridge for some good photos.

The main photo of this article is taken from the restaurant in Key Biscayne: Rusty Pelican, it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.

Coconut Grove

I think this area has always been one of my favorites to go for a stroll between shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and a little more. At CocoWalk you can find many shops, a cinema and more. Of course, if you are going to walk and see the place you will only pay for parking (if you arrive in your car), but the area, especially in the late afternoon, it’s very pleasant to stroll around for a while. There is also a park, Peacock Park, where sometimes they do art festivals and other activities.

CocoWalk, pic is from 2011(?) they did a lot of changes lately.

Do you recommend any other activity or places to visit that is free or almost free around Miami-Dade? Let us know!

Remember that although these activities are free, there may be additional costs, as we have mentioned, if you want to make purchases, eat food, park or use specific services during your visit.

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