Where to eat Cuban when you visit Miami?

At Versailles. That’s it. This is the post.

Okay… okay, I’ll tell you a little more.

Mariquitas with mojo to share

In Miami, actually all around South Florida (from West Palm Beach through Ft. Lauderdale to Miami), you can find all kinds of food. But thanks to the large amount of the Cuban population in this area, Cuban restaurants are very famous and have to be a must during your visit.

Here I am going to tell you about 2, which although they are from the same family, they vary a bit.


La Carreta (there are several around South Florida) opened in Miami 1 year after Versailles. And every time someone asks me which Cuban restaurant to go to when they are in Miami, I always recommend Versailles (sorry La Carreta) as a 1st option.

On my last trip to Miami, I visited La Carreta located in Miramar, again there are several around S.FL of this one, including at the airport, and perhaps the most famous one I believe is the one in Calle 8.

Chicken Milanesa with delicious sweet plantains

The menu offers a good variety of items, from sandwiches to complete dishes. This time, I ordered a milanese chicken breast, accompanied with sweet plantains (which I cannot miss). My parents, who were with me, ordered Grilled Palomilla and Picadillo. All delicious.


The other option is Versailles. The wait can be a bit long, yes, it is that good.

Salmon with guava sauce

Here, on the last trip, I tried a delicious salmon with guava sauce. When I read it on the menu I thought it was a bit strange, but the truth is that when I tried it, it was very, very, very good. My parents ordered Palomilla (my mother’s favorite) and Shrimp in Creole sauce.

Coconut flan for dessert

To be honest, there are really good options for lunch or dinner in South Florida, but if you only have few days in Miami and you want something good, do not hesitate to go around the famous 8th Street and stop at one of these 2 places.

Calle 8 with both restaurants (right La Carreta, left Versailles)

And if you want a small snack with a delicious coffee, a ‘cortadito’ (coffee with milk, more coffee than milk) and any pastry (my favorites are guava with cheese or plain cheese) you can stop at the famous ‘ventanitas’ (little windows). Most Cuban restaurants have a ‘ventanita’ where you can order something quick.

Ventanita at La Carreta

Is there any other amazing Cuban place you recommend? Tell us about it on the comments below!

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