10 reasons why you have to visit Disney’s EPCOT

Living so close to the Disney World parks, I have an annual pass that allows me to visit Walt Disney World parks (there are 4) whenever I want and as many times as I want. But… most of the time I visit Epcot and very rarely I visit Magic Kingdom, the one with the castle or another.

Here are reasons to add Epcot to the places to visit while in Orlando:

  1. EPCOT has 11 country pavilions with stores, restaurants, bars, shows and more. The 11 countries are: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, England and Canada.
  2. It also has fun and interesting attractions such as Soarin’ (a simulator that flies over different famous places such as Fiji, Iguazu Falls, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and even among elephants in Africa), Finding Nemo (inside a gigantic aquarium), Spaceship Earth (explains a bit the evolution of communication), or a boat ride in Mexico or a 360º movie of China.
  3. As a traveler, when I’m not exploring another city or country, I’m probably here enjoying a gelato in Italy, a margarita in Mexico, or a fine wine in France. This is what I love the most, being able to enjoy many dishes and drinks from various parts of the world in one place. You can choose between a small snack, dessert, sit down to try a whole meal at a restaurant or something a the quick service or carts located at various points. Sometimes I even go into the bakery shop in France to take home some quiches, croissants, sweets and even baguettes, my husband thanks me very much ?.
  4. The stores are great. My favorite has to be the one from Japan, it’s huge and has very interesting items, from Kimonos to chocolates from the country. There are also others like the one in Mexico, where I sometimes buy chocolates with Kahlua, or in England, which has a wide variety of teas.
  5. If it’s about entertainment, don’t hesitate to enjoy the mariachi in Mexico, in Japan an excellent show with drums or music from Canada in the small theater of the pavilion. And of course, don’t forget to say hi to some princesses in their countries like Snow White in Germany or Belle in France (although I’m not one to take photos with characters)
  6. Not only you can enjoy the 11 countries, but also during the year there are 4 festivals. The year begins with the Arts, continues with the Flower and Garden to welcome spring, then (my favorite) Wine and Food and end the year with the Festival of the Holidays where you get to know about each country, how they celebrate depending on their religion and culture. Each festival has kiosks with different dishes and drinks (smaller than at the restaurants) that give you the opportunity to walk around and enjoy little things during the day. They also offer shows in the main theater (in the America pavilion), beautiful decorations (especially during Flower and Garden Festival), different activities for the little ones and more.
  7. Each pavilion in the World Showcase, the people who work at each one of those, are really from those countries. So you can practice some language you know with them, or at least greet them, always add a smile by saying ‘Bonjour’ or a simple ‘Ciao’, which might make you feel a little closer to the country. Due to Covid-19, things changed a bit, since the international program had to be suspended, but they will be returning soon.
  8. Many people visit the park and ‘play’ ‘drinks around the world’. It is about trying the typical drink of the country and you have to finish it before continuing to the next country. For example, starting in Mexico, you order a margarita and before you get to Norway, you have to drink the entire margarita. Of course, walking around the pavilion, between shops and perhaps some entertainment, the drink goes down quickly. And if you don’t drink, how about a “meals around the world”? Between tacos, pretzels, a crêpe or a baklava, you can make the walk a fun experience.
  9. I see it, perhaps, as a Disney park for adults 🙂 although there are activities and attractions for the little ones, but it is a place that if you want to go with adults only, alone or with your partner, you will surely have a great time here. I have seen groups of friends, bachelor/bachelorette parties, many couples… fun for everyone!
  10. And at the end of the night, don’t miss the fun show with fireworks, music, lights, fountains… all in the center of the Word Showcase, in the lagoon. HarmonioUs show began in October 2021, which in my opinion could have been better, there are some scenes, that in my opinion, are a too long. Of course, if you know all the songs from the Disney movies, you will probably be singing throughout the show 🙂

Of course, I admit that if you ask me which park to visit for the first time, I’m going to suggest you go to the Magic Kingdom first. If you have 4 days (1 day per park) then enjoy Epcot a full day.

I always read comments that there are many who do not like this park due to the lack of attractions, but for me, walking between the countries, enjoying some drinks and food, riding some attractions is good entertainment.

Have you been to this park? What is your opinion about EPCOT? Do you recommend it or do you prefer to do something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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