Road trip: Daytona to St. Augustine

I love road trips! Love driving by gorgeous and different sceneries every time I can.

Florida road trip

In Florida, one of my favorite drives is Miami-Key West. It is so breathtaking I never get tired of it.

While in Central Florida, I was looking for a town or a place to visit during the day. I read various good comments about the drive from Daytona Beach to St. Augustine by A1A. Naturally, I needed to see it.

Florida Atlantic side

Woke up and drove for an hour to get to Daytona Beach. I even thought about staying for a little while but it was Spring Break… Thanks, but no thank you.

You get to pass by different cities on the way to St. Augustine. Most of the time a nice beach view. However, not as gorgeous as driving to Key West. Some of the reviews I read were about how ‘beautiful’ or ‘favorite route’ is. For me, it was an okay drive.

Florida East Coast

Of course, there were some areas where I wanted to stay and live there!

The whole drive without stopping much, might be for about 4 hours (roundtrip from Orlando). But you do want to get out of your car and wander around!

The road I took
Florida beaches

My last stop was at St. Augustine Lighthouse.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

I’ve been in St. Augustine few times but never visited this lighthouse. The view is really nice, you get to see part of the city and the ocean as well. And remember, there are 219 steps to climb to the top!

St. Augustine Lighthouse Florida
St. Augustine Lighthouse

I wanted to go for a stroll around St. Augustine, love that city, but since I was taking care of 2 dogs I needed to go back home. I always come back to St. Augustine.

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