A trip to Tampa Bay (part2)

Have you read the 1st part?

After going around Tampa, I drove to St. Petersburg. I seriously love this town. It’s a nice town, beautiful beaches and one of the most beautiful downtowns I have ever known.

In Downtown St. Pete you will find the Dali Museum. It is incredible, a must!. Even the outside it’s cool.


From the museum I went for a walk around downtown. In 2013 they closed to demolish (in 2015) a famous place called “The Pier” which had a small aquarium, restaurants and a terrace with a beautiful view. It is said that by Fall 2019 a new concept will open.

The Pier until 2015.

But still there are many places to visit in downtown such as other museums, galleries, shops, bars and many restaurants perfect for the end of the afternoon.

I wanted to hurry as I wanted to get to St. Pete beach before sunset. (Remembering that this was a 1 day trip … you can find many options to do in more days).

St. Pete Beach

When I lived in this city, I also used to go to the beach just to hang out with friends at some beach front restaurants so no matter if it was breezy, cold or raining, St. Pete beach was always a great option.

Another place to visit is Fort de Soto Park. Here they charge cover (parking) but the place is very large, with several areas to enjoy the beach, perhaps a cookout on the grills, riding a bike or a kayak trip. In some parts, you can even see dolphins.


Another place? John’s Pass on Madeira Beach. It is located between St. Petersburg and Clearwater. The place is entertaining and beautiful. It has several restaurants and shops. You can also take one of the tours offered in the area to see dolphins or even a pirate ship. Nearby there are several hotels and beaches to spend a whole day in this area.


In general, I usually go for a full day (because I live nearby), but I think that 3-4 days is perfect to get to see various points and enjoy. I would plan the days like this: 1st day maybe to the beach (either Fort de Soto or St. Pete Beach), 2nd visit downtown Tampa and Ybor City and maybe in the afternoon to downtown St. Petersburg (for museums and others in both areas), and a 3rd day to visit the beaches of Clearwater and maybe an extra day for Busch Gardens. If you have a car, do not hesitate to drive from St. Pete Beach to Clearwater, you will find beautiful views and you can visit several beaches.

Sunset in St. Pete Beach
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