Dine and Cruise

There are several places where you can take a boat that will give you a tour while you have dinner.

We recently went to Daytona Beach and enjoy a nice trip on the “Lady Dolphin of Daytona.

I need to start saying, the food is not the best you will eat in your life, it’s all about the experience. Something different to do in Central Florida.

It is a 2-hour tour along the entire canal, the ‘intracoastal’ that runs through all of Florida (North-South), a large part of the eastern United States and part of the Gulf of Mexico. Obviously we just stayed in Daytona Beach area.

The price includes dinner with dessert, non-alcoholic drinks, parking and even raffles during the tour. When you arrive you can choose what you want to dine: turkey, ham, lasagna among other dishes. There are also options for children and vegetarians. Alcoholic beverages are not included, but there is a small bar on the ship for you to get ($) whatever you want. Remember that in the United States the drinking age is over 21 years old.

I thought that whole experience was really nice. And with luck, you will be able to see dolphins swimming next to the boat. Aw love them!. Also, although this time we did not see any, but in the area it is possible to see manatees.

I suggest to buy the ticket in advance and on the Lady Dolphin of Daytona site, since they are limited places. They usually have 2 rides a day, 4:30 pm and 7pm. But don’t forget to check out the web site for their current schedule.

Have you done a similar tour in Florida? Let us know in the comments!

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