Fort Pierce: South Causeway Beach + Jetty Park

We took advantage of one afternoon that we were in Vero Beach to get to Fort Pierce and get to know a little more about the area. About 30 minutes by car from the area of Sexton Plaza Beach to Jetty Park.

We first enjoyed the view at South Causeway Beach. We didn’t stay on the beach that time since we came from Vero Beach, but during the day it looks soo inviting to go swimming or just relax on the sand.

South Causeway Beach

Then we continued to Jetty Park, which has a large parking lot. There you have access to the beach and a path that borders the Fort Pierce Inlet.

At that spot, you’ll also find Square Grouper Tiki Bar Ft. Pierce Inlet, which it was the main spot we wanted to visit for some cocktails and dinner. The drinks were really good, the atmosphere was very pleasant to us because of the view and that night they had live music.

The food, hmm… I don’t think it’s the best, I don’t know if it’s the best or worst option around the area, but coming from Vero Beach where we always eat very well, we weren’t impressed with this. Although the reviews on Google are between ‘really good’ and ‘too expensive for what you get’.

Around the area there are several activities to enjoy, apart from the beautiful beach, it also has a small aquarium and even spots to rent boats or jet skis.

Not the west coast in the state, but you still can enjoy a gorgeous sunset.

And this is just a bit of Fort Pierce. I think it’s a medium-sized city, not as big as Miami or Orlando, or as touristy as St. Petersburg or St. Augustine. And 30 minutes to the south you have Stuart and to the north you get to Vero Beach.

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