Red Reef Park Beach in Boca Raton

On a trip to South Florida, we got to Boca Raton. We took advantage of a beautiful summer day with no rain and we went to Red Reef Park.

Once we arrived, we saw 2 parking lots. At both you have to pay. The one closer to the beach, the rate is higher, but I think it is a flat rate for the whole day. The other one, across the street, it’s $2 (June 2022) per hour. Since we arrived around 3pm and we were thinking to stay not longer than 2 hours, we preferred to park across the street.

At the park, you have public restrooms, showers, and picnic tables under some trees, and even some grills. So it is very easy to be able to spend a whole day at the beach with all the amenities.

The beach, at least at the time we visited, was full of seaweed all over the shoreline and in the water, so it was a bit annoying to be around that. Although I have seen photos of the area and I don’t see any seaweed in those photos, so maybe it was the season.

It is the Atlantic coast, so there are plenty of options to visit different spots.

The area where we parked the car.
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Author: WandererYoss

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