Quick stop in Pensacola

On a trip back to Orlando from New Orleans (Louisiana), we stopped in Pensacola for lunch and to enjoy a bit of the view around the area.

We took a detour from I-10 (which connects the southern states from Florida to California) into the beach area.

As I was traveling with my dog ​​Chewie, I had to look for places that I could go in with him and I found 2: Shaggy’s Pensacola Beach and Red Fish Blue Fish.

Shaggy’s Pensacola Beach

Both restaurants seemed like a very good option, with a good view of the bay and my baby Chewie could be with us. I visited them on 2 different trips.

Red Fish Blue Fish

After lunch, we toured around the area a little bit before heading back to I-10 to drive back home.

lunch at Red Fish Blue Fish

Driving along the coast, we reached “Gulf Islands National Seashore” which has super beautiful beaches, part of the Gulf of Mexico.

We couldn’t stay long in the area as we had to go back to Orlando. It’s about 453 miles, about 6hrs more or less by car.

Chewie at Red Fish Blue Fish
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Author: WandererYoss

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