Air boat tour at Sawgrass Recreation Park

A must do while in South Florida is to visit the Everglades National Park.

Whether hiking, camping, boating or even ride the famous ‘air boats’, explore around the area and try to see the alligators. This is something that I truly enjoy doing.

Although there are several points where you can take a tour in those famous boats that have a ‘giant fan’, to describe them in some way, on the last visit we went to “Sawgrass Recreation Park” since we were on our way north on I75 .

We took advantage of a good offer on Groupon, so I recommend you check for discounts and / or tour packages.

We arrived at the place and before our tour, we explore a bit the site where we saw some snakes and alligators… in a private space for them, separated from us… otherwise I wouldn’t even be around there :).

Then, we enjoyed the ride on the airboat.

They tell you some interesting facts about the area and the animals that you can see along the way. The general idea is to look for alligators in their natural environment, so you can see a little of everything.

The tour was really nice. It lasted about 30 minutes but you get to see a lot. There are other longer tours but in other areas. The idea is to take a tour and learn more about this beautiful national park in Florida.

In the short below you can see the alligator that we managed to see on the tour and other details that you can find in Sawgrass Recreation Park:

Have you been to the Everglades? Have you taken an ‘air boat’ tour? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below and other recommendations from this area!

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