Saturday in Lakeland

Between Orlando and Tampa you’ll find the city of Lakeland. A town that is not touristy at all, but has several points that you can visit, perfect for a getaway from any of the other 2 well-known cities.

Visit Downtown Lakeland, and much better if it’s a Saturday. If you go between 8 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, do not hesitate to see the market: “Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market”.

It’s really good! It has many vendors and spots to grab a snack. Not only will you find fruits and vegetables from local farms, but also juices, home decorations, clothing and more.

We stopped to try some delicious coconut ‘juices’, as we call them in Venezuela ‘cocada’, which was delicious. We also tried other natural juices and a crêpe.

It is really worth visiting this market in Lakeland on Saturdays.

Near the market area, there is the Lake Mirror that if you go for a walk along the Frances Langford Promenade you can reach the Hollis Garden.

Nearby is the Southgate Shopping Center, not much to see there, but if you like to see places where a movie was filmed or you like the movie Edward Scissorhands (1990), there is a scene that was recorded at this place.

Also, near I4 (the road that connects Tampa and Orlando) there is a huge antique store, Lakeland Antique Mall. It is very good if you are curious about antiques, I liked it since it has a lot of Disney stuff, including furniture from cruise ships or hotels. There is a lot, from household items, clothing, toys and even musical objects that you may not find so easily elsewhere.

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