Visiting the Hollywood of Florida.

Yes, there is a Hollywood in Florida and it has a lot of nice spots to visit. So in this new publication I invite you to get to know the Hollywood of Florida.

the Hollywood of Florida

South Florida was my home for many years and Hollywood was one of the areas that I love visiting, especially because of the beach area with its boardwalk, plus the famous Hard Rock Hotel that has changed a lot since I lived there.

the Hollywood of Florida

As I mentioned before, one of my favorite spots to go while in South Florida is Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. Enjoy a pleasant stroll in front of the beach, among several restaurants, bars and hotels. Right there you can find Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort with a public parking lot (the hotel didn’t exist when I lived there, but that was my parking lot?), Nicks Bar & Grill, which is very popular and has been there for years, and other points where you can rent a bike for a different activity. (Read here about biking that area)

On the other side of the street, there are several good spots along the river to eat with a good view, such as Taverna Opa or Billy’s Stone Crab Restaurant, or areas where you can stop for a while to rest and enjoy the view.

To the north is Dania Beach, only minutes or even seconds, which is another of my favorite spots in the area.

Dania Beach

Moving away from the beach, a little closer to Downtown Hollywood, you’ll find a nice park at a roundabout, Young Circle Park. An enjoyable spot to enjoy the decor while strolling around.

From the roundabout, take a tour around Hollywood Blvd. where you will find restaurants, cafes and shops. Another pleasant stroll that you can do at any time, since it offers you good shade thanks to the trees along the road.

In Hollywood there is also the famous guitar hotel, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood. Since its opening I always enjoy visiting it. A long time ago, when the guitar was not there, I used to go to the hotel with friends to enjoy a fun nightlife, it was outdoors, which was not good when it rained a lot, now that part is where the guitar is and the new pool. The hotel still keeps its large casino and other restaurants and bars indoors, so perfect to enjoy anytime, any day.

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