Visiting Alexander Springs

In Ocala National Forest, about 1 hour away from Orlando, it’s located this natural spring that you will love to visit.

Let’s talk a little about this forest. It is the 2nd largest nationally protected forest in the state. It covers around 607 square miles (1,570 km2) of Central Florida. It has several lakes, camping areas or just visit to spend a different afternoon with a picnic in the middle of nature. Of course, watch out for animals around as you will be able to see many ‘Florida black bears’ and more.

One of the many places you can visit is Alexander Springs.

Here you can not only go swimming in a beautiful springs, but there are also camping areas, hiking trails or you can have a picnic overlooking the springs.

Obviously during summer time this place will be more crowded. You will definitely cool off. Just remember that the majority of summer days it rains in the afternoon, so I recommend you to plan your day well and try to take advantage of the morning.

The temperature of the water in the springs is 72 degrees throughout the year. Oh by the way… remember the alligators, you could see them in the area, so pay attention when you swim, but the water is super crystal clear that it will be easy to see the bottom and anywhere around you.

Some photos are from the sister travel page: Acceso Total 29.

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Author: WandererYoss

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