Visiting Flagler Ave. in New Smyrna Beach

Less than 1 hour away from Orlando, you can find this town that is unofficially known as the shark bite capital of the world.

No, don’t be afraid of it. I have been many times and have not seen any sharks or cases at the time I visit. And it is totally fine if you don’t want to go in the water, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy if you pull up to Flagler Ave., park and go for a walk. Let me tell you a bit about it…

On Flagler Avenue you can find plenty of local shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors and more. It’s great to go for a walk one afternoon, before or after the beach.

The area also has several points where you can take some photos with beautiful murals, made by locals of course!.

Among my favorite places to eat a whole meal, a quick bite or just a drink:

  • Breakers Ocean Front Restaurant & Bar: Right in front of the water, if you are lucky to find a seat, you can sit in front of the window to enjoy a good drink and a great view.
  • Flagler Tavern: It is difficult to avoid it. Sometimes, from the street, you will be able to listen to the music from the terrace or sit down to people watch. Inside they usually have a band playing some Blues. This is one of our favorite spots for sure.
  • Treats on the Beach: The ice cream here is great. We have tried several flavors and we really enjoy it, especially during summer time.
  • Beachie Bean’s Coffee House: For a coffee in the afternoon or a small snack, this place is great. Also feel free to sit back and enjoy the decoration while you take a break.
  • Ocean Breeze Tiki Bar and Grill: From the terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view. Another place with live music and delicious cocktails.
Desde Ocean Breeze Tiki Bar and Grill y al frente se ve Breakers

For shopping:

  • Robin’s Nest: We love this place! We already have some decorations at home that we have bought here. From tables, cushions, wall art and more… if you like beachy decor this is the place to go.
  • Gypsy Vibes: It is another place that I love to stop every time I visit to see what I fall in love with. As its name says, it is for those of us who have a boho or hippie spirit. You can find everything from candles, aromatherapy, earrings, clothing and home decorations.
  • The Big Bamboo: Another place like the previous one, but with more recognized brands.

And obviously we cannot forget the beach. It is one of those places that you can go for a ride in your car or find a good place to spend some time in the sun by foot.

It is not one of my favorite beaches because of the strong waves, I prefer a quieter place to relax in the water. But the atmosphere is always great. As an option for something quieter, drive to Smyrna Dunes Park where it is much calmer and the water is crystal clear. That is one of my favorite beaches.

Near Flagler Avenue you have other great and fun places that you should not miss, but I will tell you about it another time 😉

Have you been around here? What other place do you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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