A greek afternoon in Tarpon Springs

If you want to get a taste of Greek culture, try dishes and even visit a supermarket, you don’t have to go to Greece… well, actually you should, but here in Florida you can enjoy a different afternoon among Greek restaurants in Tarpon Springs.

It is located north of Clearwater, just minutes away from Tampa. So if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, add this little town to your to-do list.

Here you will find several Greek restaurants located on Dodecanese Boulevard, overlooking the canal. We have already tried some of them and they are very good.

You will also find several shops with many souvenirs (including sponges obviously) and even a supermarket in case you want to take home some Greek oil.

Tarpon Springs is also known for sponge divers. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Greeks arrived in the area and dedicated themselves to this industry.

Obviously when walking through the area, you will find many sponges and monuments remembering that time of the city.

If you have time, one activity you can do is take a boat ride. There are several, maybe one to watch the sunset, dolphins or even a diver that will look for sponges.

The place is really nice, perfect gateway for a different kind of afternoon. Between delicious food and historical places, it will make your trip a unique one.

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Author: WandererYoss

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