Delray Beach Market

Delray Beach is located in South Florida, north of Boca Raton, and there’s a fun, colorful, beautiful and with tasty food market that you need to visit.

— This market no longer exists 🙁 there is another business, a sports bar, in the space —

We recently took you to this city where we invited you to visit the beautiful Japanese gardens, read about Morikami here, and now we are going our for food at this cute spot.

This little market, that will invite you to take photos on every corner, has a variety of small restaurants such as Lebanese, Chinese, hamburgers, salads and more. And don’t forget some stores with flowers, clothing, accessories among other super cute items.

The market is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day it opens at 8am. We visited shortly after breakfast, so we only tried coffee at The Modern Rose, but we really wanted to try everything.

There are 2 levels, you’ll find escalators and elevators, and a terrace on the 2nd level. You can also enjoy live music on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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Author: WandererYoss

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